As a professional powder coater, MetaCoat offers a broad range of services: from shot blasting to chemical preparation and from bending to powder coating.

Whether you have a radiator ready for a facelift, a large number of metal constructions that needs powder coating or design pieces that need to be treated, MetaCoat will work with you to come to a sound decision on the proper treatment for your pieces. Materials and chemical and/or mechanical treatments are perfectly aligned with one another. MetaCoat is happy to take care of all your cutting and bending as well.

This allows us to be your ‘finishing touch’ every time, taking that extra step as a professional powder coating company. Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions and/or comments!

Shot blasting

Proper treatment of the metal is essential for a high-quality coating. Blasting is a highly sustainable treatment method. MetaCoat has an automatic blasting machine and a proprietary steel blasting agent. The blasting machine removes the mill scale, the annealing skin and other surface contaminants. The configuration of the blast wheels and the processing speed depend on the type of material, the thickness of the material and the degree of corrosion. The combo-cleaners of the machine continuously clean the blasting agent and the vacuum pump ensures safe and responsible operation. 

Chemical treatment

Prior to coating, the products must be subjected to several consecutive treatments. Depending on the type of material and the client’s requirements, we can choose between 12 different treatments.

MetaCoat developed a unique phased system with spraying chambers, where the most suitable treatments are combined in an automated spraying process. This allows us to create a custom cocktail with degreasing, varnishing, iron phosphate coating and chrome-free passivation.

This system offers various advantages as opposed to a classic submersion system used by other coating companies that combine chemical and mechanical exposure. In addition, there is no risk of switching the pieces or allowing the pieces to get in contact with floating contamination associated with submersion. The project-based treatment without intermediate manipulation has a lot of advantages. Our mechanical spraying process ensures that the exact right amount of chemicals is sprayed onto the pieces. In addition, grease tends to float on top in submersion baths. As a result, the pieces get in contact with these fats at the end of the treatment. Submersion also involves the risk of switching pieces. Our procedure makes this impossible because the pieces are fixed on separate bars as they go through the process.

MetaCoat has an in-house lab which allows for all processes to be monitored. 

Powder coating

MetaCoat is specialised in powder coating metals such as aluminium, steel and galvanised steel. We powder coat both unique and out-the-box products with applications in almost all industries. Our extremely modern paint shop treats pieces measuring up to 7 meters in length, 2 meters in height and 1 meter in width, and weighing up to 550 kg.

With powder coating, the powder particles are electrostatically charged. As opposed to liquid lacquer, this does not require any solvents or diluents. The powder does not have a negative impact on health or environment. Any excess powder coating is re-used.

After application of the powder, we let it dry in an oven set to 180 degrees. This creates a layer of 80 to 120 micron in a single iteration, which constitutes a major advantage as opposed to liquid lacquer, where such a layer thickness is difficult to achieve. We usually use two layers for applications in areas with more aggressive climates, in industrial environments or for high visual standards: an epoxy foundation and a polyester top layer. There is a very broad range of types, colours and quality of powder. Choosing the most suitable powder depends on many different factors such as the required level of UV protection, air quality and/or chemical resistance. Our experts are happy to help you with elaborate and professional advice for all your powder coating projects. 

Duplex powder coating

Applying a powder layer on top of an epoxy primer is called a duplex coating system. This procedure offers the very best protection against corrosion. The powder coating protects the primer and vice versa. This makes your product very strong and sustainable. Please contact us for more information about duplex powder coating! 

Cutting and bending

MetaCoat has an ultramodern cutting and bending machine for your cutting and bending work. Our LVD will cut your aluminum plates to fit. If you wish, we will bend the aluminum plate with our PPEB bending machine suitable for bending work up to 4 meters. This ultramodern CNC-controlled machine has Cadman 3D touch controls and constitutes a great example of MetaCoat’s innovative working method. The bending machine has 8 axes and a 170 ton compressive force.

The advantage of combining these modern machines with powder coating, means that we can guarantee short processing times. 

Express services

Standard your order is processed according to our planning within the usual delivery time (approx +- 10 working days).

Your order will be processed within 7 working days after ordering date before 5pm. This service is available for all orders at limited additional cost after consultation.

Top priority:
Your order will be processed within 3 working days after ordering date before 5pm. This service is available for limited orders at additional cost and only possible after consultation and written approval.

Orders without mention 'priority' will be processed as a standard order.
For orders requiring multiple operations (such as cutting and bending work), an additional 2 working days are provided per operation.
For each processing method, your goods can be collected after notification by email.


MetaCoat also does limited post-processing and assembly. This saves you time, handling and transportation costs. 


Following our quality inspection, the products are packed. The packaging material ensures that your products are protected during transportation. If you wish we can pack the metals with shrink-film so that they remain fixed during transportation.

Packaging is always subject to close deliberation with the client. Often we find new packaging methods together for efficient and risk-free  transportation of the materials. 

E-mail notifications

We always keep to the agreed delivery times. However, depending on the colour combinations some orders may be ready before the agreed time. This is why we have a service notifying you by email as soon as the product is ready. Please let us know whether you wish to use this service.

Furthermore, all of our clients can obtain a MyMetaCoat login to track their orders online. This allows real-time monitoring of your powder coating project.


MetaCoat also takes care of the transportation of your goods. This improves your efficiency and focus on your core business. We pick up your metals for treatment and deliver them back to you carefully finished and packed.

ERP and traceability

MetaCoat invested in a complete ERP system, where ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. This gives us full traceability. We use scanners to determine where in the process of powder coating, cutting and bending the pieces are. By linking the ERP system to production, all the process parameters are constantly logged. This helps us maintain continuous quality control. We check the processing time of each production phase, the oven temperature, ...

You can check your order status online 24/24 with MyMetacoat!

Quality control

MetaCoat randomly inspects the executed operations and every finished project passes our quality control department. The quality inspector and our employees have various types of testing equipment. Our in-house lab also performs various measurements and tests. In addition, MetaCoat is subjected to periodic external tests. Due to our constant focus on quality control, we can modify our processes where necessary. We continue to facilitate production development and thereby guarantee the best quality.  

Maintenance products

In order to maintain the beautiful appearance of your aluminum, proper maintenance is important.
The cleaning frequency is partly determined by environmental influences and exposure to rain and wind.

Products for periodic and restorative maintenance are available at MetaCoat.
Also touch-up pencils are available for repairing minor damage.